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THE BAKER. Riccardo "Pete" Alaimo was born in Messina, Sicily and grew up in Palermo where he started training in the art of baking at the age 13 at his uncle Tottucio's shop. In 1990, Pete decided to move to the states with his wife, Patrizia, and his two kids, Alessia and Francesco, to further his baking career. His first job was at Ferraro Bakery in New York City where he concentrated his skills on cake designing. His talents took him through several bakeries in New York and New Jersey including Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken. At Carlo's bakery, Pete was able to focus on more Sicilian traditions, which he is well known for. His specialties include Sicilian Cassata, Sette Veli Cake, Italian Rum Cake, Pastareale and 7-tier wedding Cakes.

Pete has many hobbies other than owning and baking at La Dolce Vita. In his spare time, He will always be found in his home office either rearranging his gun collection or packing his shells to get ready for hunting season.

Come enjoy a pastry and/or cookie in our comfy seating with a tasty espresso or cappuccino. We specialize in Italian sweets like Cannolis, Tiramisu, Rum Babba, Sfogliatelle, Napolean, Eclairs, Sicilian Cassatas, Biscotti and flavorful unique Cakes for all occasions including custom Tier Wedding Cakes.
— Pete Alaimo, Owner and Operator

We love our customers


Rare find for good cannoli, and in Allentown, too. Who would have thought? This place a bit of a hole in the wall and is definitely underappreciated by most folks in the area. The cannoli is not displayed with the other pastries, but yes it is there. They fill the shells to order, as it should be done so they dont get soggy. The shell is perfectly light and crunchy, while the chilled ricotta filling is dense, rich, and a little creamy. I would personally prefer a little less sugar. We also like the cheesecake- dense and not too sweet. I have not had the normal cookies because I always choose the cannoli. Love it!!
— Ji H., Macungie, PA

I love everything about this place. The treats are delightful, and there is a homey feel (especially with their new seating). I feel like my grandmother could walk out of the kitchen at any time. Someone picked up a wedding cake the last time we were there and it was gorgeous!
— Erin M., Allentown PA

Growing up in an Italian neighborhood in upstate New York was a great experience. I used to love as a little kid walking several blocks by myself to the Italian bakeries and delis for my grandmother. This place brings back the wonderful memories of amazing cookies, pastries and breads of my childhood. I bought quite a selection of items the other day for myself and my parents. All were amazing. Fresh, delicious. Owner was as personable as could be. It’s a far drive for me but will be making many trips here in the future.
— Ed T., Bethlehem, PA


Our marble top coffee bar services Espresso, Hot or Iced Cappuccino, Café Latte, Hot or Iced Coffee and Hot Tea. 


Enjoy a beverage with a slice of cake in our calming and soothing seating while browsing the internet with our FREE WIFI or catching up with a friend. 


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